A comparison of the architectural design of modern homes and medieval castles

The stone keep of Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, Wales. This, along with the need to encompass surrounding buildings and allow for space to accept refugees from neighbouring towns created the need for concentric castles with walls getting progressively smaller.

A part of this Renaissance was the unique Carolingian architecture which incorporated aspects of Roman and Byzantine architecture but evolved a unique style of its own.

BOOKS Although castle architecture developed over the centuries in line with weapons technology, the principles remained much the same. The main defense was concentrated in the direction of approach, where there were often two or three lines of advance fortifications.

Castle Architecture

The Tudor style itself evolved a result of the changing social and political dynamics in England and the influence of European Renaissance on England.

The defense of the enceinteor outer wall, of the castle was generally by means of one or more lines of moatswhich were crossed in front of the gateways by drawbridges—i. A good castle had no dead-spaces - ie external areas that defenders could not fire on, but did provide multiple locations from which vulnerable points could be defended.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the contemporary home exterior and its architectural interiors provides contemporary level comfort, functionality and outstanding appeal. Western Europe, for instance, had a shared Roman heritage of architecture but regions such as the Holy Roman Empire and the Iberian Peninsula evolved significantly different styles of construction.

Modern interior design integrating Medieval tower into contemporary home Contemporary house exterior design with integrated Medieval tower This contemporary home design demonstrates the beauty of the ancient buildings and the flexibility of modern architectural designs, harmoniously blending the English Medieval tower into modern house exterior and creating bright and impressive interior design.

30 Beautiful Modern and Medieval Castle Designs

Normans typically employed the Romanesque arch in construction and were among the first to make use of stone keeps, essentially laying the foundations of the medieval castle-building. Envisioned by the architects from architectural studio PrimeShootLocationswww. In the wake of their conquests, the Normans left permanent imprints on these regions in the form of their unique architecture.

Further, it needed facilities to withstand a siege - a fresh water supply or large cistern and vast supplies of food. These include the magnificent Hagia Sophia in modern-day Istanbul.

Some of the most iconic buildings which define the Byzantine architecture were erected during the reign of Emperor Justinian The Great in the 6th century.

Modern House Inspired by Medieval Castles

Tudor architecture also extensively employed half-timber works, brickwork, gables and carved decorations for roofs. Later, one or more baileys or wards grounds between encircling walls were enclosed at the foot of the mound. Other fascinating areas of medieval castle design and architecture include: Jupiterimages The baileys at the foot of the mound were enclosed by palisades and later by walls and towers of masonry.

Most of the extant examples of the Byzantine architecture can today be seen in Istanbul in Turkey and Ravenna in Italy. Castle Plans, Castle Keeps. The gateway was often protected by a barbican —a walled outwork in front of the gate—and the passage through the gateway was defended by portcullisesdoors, and machicolations.

Moorish Architecture Moorish architecture refers to the style of architecture employed by the Moors in the Iberian Peninsula. The Moors invaded Iberia in early 8th century and continued to rule on the southern end of Iberia until the 15th century. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: The side of the keep exposed to the field also presented a line of escape.

Although Holy Roman Empire architecture employed pre-Romanesque style in the construction of many early buildings, it was in the Gothic style that some of the most enduring examples of Holy Roman Empire architecture exist. Airy and bright light color palette looks perfect with functional and comfortable interior design ideas in minimalist style while brightened up the old tower elements.

Portcullises were generally made of oak, were plated and shod with iron, and were moved up and down in stone grooves, clearing or blocking the passage.

The castle plans for Beaumaris allowed for a beautifully proportioned concentric castle. The tower exterior and interior design with ancient spiral stone stairs bring the spirit of the Middle Ages into cozy and inviting contemporary home.

It is here that we come across terms like the barbican which is a walled courtyard in front of the castle gateway. Another example is Conwy Castle in North Wales where the plans were restricted by the rocky outcrop it was built on and led to a design which has been likened to an hour glass.

The best castles provided rings of defence so that defenders could hold out from a citadel even if the outer defences failed.Transcript of Medieval Castles vs Modern Houses for the rich and famous.

By: Damian Alcaraz Medieval Castles vs Modern Houses Thesis Conclusion Architecture serves different functions in modern time than it did in ancient times. When we describe a house as modern; we are saying that the design is not based on history or tradition. Medieval Architecture History Medieval Europe saw the development of different styles of architecture throughout different regions of the Continent.

Although many of these architectural styles shared common features, they were also unique in their own respect. The architectural design of modern homes is slowly changing back to the architectural design of castles in the middle ages. Modern homes have a lot of similar characteristics with castles.

These similar characteristics are mainly set up for defense. This contemporary house design with modern interiors and an integrated English Medieval tower into its architecture looks unusual, interesting, very functional and welcoming.

Medieval towers are unique architectural designs and true wonders that can enhance and beautify modern interior design in. Medieval Architecture with modern transformations. Architecture With Minimalist Interior House Stone Wall And Impressive Glass Window Also Beautiful Lawn of Awesome Design For Small Contemporary Homes from Exterior Ideas Architectural Beauty: A Modern Medieval Apartment – Lace & Tea El Jardi apartment | Alemanys 5| Girona.

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A comparison of the architectural design of modern homes and medieval castles
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