Biology 109 110 syllabus for fall

The work will submitted through Blackboard as a Word document or as questions answered in a quiz format. Collaboration with course staff. Examples of plagiarism include word-for-word copying without correctly indicating that you are quoting, inaccurate quoting and paraphrasing, and incomplete or missing documentation.

All assignments, quizzes, except for exams are open book assignments.


You may take each quiz up to 3 times. On certain assignments the collaboration policy is relaxed to allow working with a partner, subject to the following rules: If it is a Mastering issue, contact the Pearson helpdesk first.

This is your responsibility. These discussions must be kept at a general level, without exposing your solutions. N D Class Hours: Some will already be disassembled for you to work with.

To access this account, visit the mycfcc portal - there is a link to the portal near the top of the CFCC.

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Cells o Understanding the interrelationship of the various cellular organelles that maintain life. While we take no pleasure in bringing cases to the Committee on Discipline; it is our duty to keep the playing field level for the overwhelming majority of students who work very hard in this course and follow the rules.

Be sure to logout of your account in each service you may have openedBlackboard, etc when you leave a shared computer, otherwise it is possible for the next user of the computer to access your information. The final exam will cover the entire course. Collaboration with a partner.

There will be occasional unannounced quizes throughout the semester which will be scored for my use. It will have several components. There will also be experiments with everyday objects. This will assist those in Physics who are not taking Physics to at least become familiar with the topics being covered in the lab that week.

If you leave your computer unattended, be sure to protect it with a password. A dated picture of you with your lab set up. Ability to take and upload digital pictures to Blackboard 6.

Violators of course policies that are not adjudicated by the CoD will receive penalties based on the severity of the violation, ranging from a warning for violations that are both unintentional and innocuous to an F in the course for violations that are both intentional and serious.

To dissolve a partnership, you must contact your preceptor. Use the following format for any Word documents Lab Write Ups you submit:Enrollment in the Biology laboratory (BIOL L) is not a requirement for this course. You must enroll in BIOL L separately if interested.

PowerPoint slides of lecture material will be made available through the Moodle site, %(2). BIOL ; BIOL Note: For Biology, Environmental Science and Environmental Studies Majors. Syllabus: Fall Usually offered: Fall: BIOL - Cell Biology; Description: This is an introductory course in cell biology covering the structure and function of cells and their organelles.

BIOL - Biology I: Molecular and Cells 4 Credit(s). Serves as the introductory course for Biology and Pre-Allied Health majors and is the prerequisite course for Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology.

BIOLOGY PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY SYLLABUS Fall Internet Instructor: Bradley Parnell Phone: Office Hours: MW am T Th F pm Course. The goal of the course is to teach basic principles and practical issues, while at the same time preparing students to use computers effectively for applications in computer science, physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, and other disciplines.

Biology – Fall Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity MW pm in Chambers Biology is a four credit course. The course will utilize web-based tutorials, class, and laboratory sessions.

Biology 109 110 syllabus for fall
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