Causes and effects of child labor

Child labor can be controlled by economic development increasing awareness and making education affordable across all levels, and enforcement of anti child labor laws. Due to a certain section of the population that involves children in such activities, the entire society faces threat from becoming part of illegal activities.

Some Issues and Challenges for Future. Issues such as bullying, sexual exploitation, and unfavorable working Causes and effects of child labor may result in mental trauma in these children.

Child Labour: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Solutions

In return for money, she was ready to hand over Ranjith who was under his custody till some time ago. Since these children do not receive any education, it increases illiteracy, hampering the overall economic growth of the country, reflecting poor human development.

Illiteracy If children work in the mines and industries for their livelihood and to help their parents and siblings for generating money, they obviously cannot go to school for their education.

However, despite its menace in various forms, the data shows variation in prevalence of child labor across the globe and the statistical figures about child labor are very alarming. An illiterate person, on the other hand, considers force to be the only answer to nearly all of the challenges experienced.

It has been noticed that many industries such as coal mines and others that prepare chemicals like silicon, aluminum etc.

The Health Impact of Child Labor in Developing Countries: Evidence From Cross-Country Data

Long term inhaling of these substances can cause injury to the respiratory system. The same view of life is seen among illiterate parents who prioritize children contributing to the upkeep of the family over going to school. Competition of children with adult workers leads to depressing wages and salaries.

They spend a lot of time in their workstations as the days and years go by. So, cheap labour is a cause of child labour in India. The police cannot arrive at every workplace to check if there is existence of child labour.

In this way, poverty and child labor is passed from generation to generation. Marrying at an early age is a major contributing factor to overpopulation. Children also lack the ability to shield themselves from most of the challenges that occur in the workplace. So to make ends meet, children bear the brunt while the adults are left unemployed.

Some percentage of child labour also comes from harassment by parents, step-parents or relatives. This avoided possible colinearity between these 2 independent variables, a problem that could have occurred had we used a combined version of the adult mortality rate.

Factory owners, shopkeepers, and industries among others should not employ children. For each of the first 2 dependent variables, 2 separate regression models were developed, 1 using only the adult mortality rate for women and the other using only the adult male mortality rate.

People who belong to the underprivileged sections of society tend to believe that the more number of off springs they produce, the more the working hands they receive to fulfill their daily needs.

We may also come across similar child care centers operating in different parts of the country in various different ways for the welfare of children. The main objective of LSMS surveys is to collect household data that can be used to assess household welfare, understand household behavior, and evaluate the effect of various government policies on the quality living conditions of the population.

It is legally and morally wrong. If we really want to stand up against child labour, then we must join hands with an NGO or a social service center that fights for the rights of children.

We salute such people and applaud them in our society. Some industries employ children in order to cut down on labour costs since their wage demand is low. Source Wikipedia Young children are enrolled in many business activities, house hold activities or forced to work in industries, totally ruining their future.

Causes and Effects of Child Labor Essay

Create demand for skilled and trained workers: We should allow them to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. These indicators are expressed as disability-adjusted life years calculated as the sum of years of life lost because of disability and years of life lived with disability.Causes and Effects of Child Labor Child labor is the act of the employment of children that harms them or prevents them from attending school.

An innumerable amount of children from all around the world lose their innocence to being employed in dreadful occupations. The causes of child labor contain being poor, moving from one area to another, and their parents being unschooled.

The result of child labor includes turning children into beggars and thieves, and causing severe health problems. Causes of child labor in India The causes are quite similar to any other country, though with many Indian singularities.

Everyone agrees that child labor is a plague but most families know they don’t have much choice: not putting a child to work means there won’t be enough food on the table for everyone. For instance, work affecting a child’s health and schooling should, according to these conventions, be eliminated.5 Identifying the health effects of child labor is essential because it enables policymakers to decide which types of child labor to target for eradication.

Child Labour Essay is all about the causes and effects that are responsible for children to skip their primary education. Every nation supports right to education for every human, yet most of these nations were mentioned in the list of nations with child labor, but the good news is the it is gradually declining in the past few years.

Essay on Child Labour Causes, Effects, Solution & Prevention August 18, by Study Mentor Leave a Comment Child labour has been gripping the world at a very fast pace.

Causes and effects of child labor
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