Electronic seed tube blockage detector and

If a blockage occurs at one of the strong sensors and seeds are still flowing by but at a reduced speed the sensor will still be able to detect these seeds and will report a fault free line.

While the exact configuration of the system shown in FIG. One problem with this type of sensor is that the intrusion of the pin into the seed flow path can itself be the cause of seed flow blockage. Should a failure occur in the termination circuit 17 or related components, the counter will continue to count upwardly, thus triggering a failure signal and an alarm.

Although the angle of the sensor housing is shown to be approximately 90 degrees in the figures, the ideal angle may be different, and would be calculated based on the geometry of the air seeding system for which the sensors are being designed. Therefore, the system can operate without alarm should a secondary distribution line become blocked or partially blocked in a manifold with a higher threshold requirement.

The number of hose ports for a single blockage monitoring node is variable, and may be any appropriate number. The opener 50 can be a blade device that creates furrows in the soil being planted from the motion of the tool bar 24 such that the seeds 32 are dispensed from the opener 50 at the appropriate depth into the soil.

Each secondary seed tube 48 is connected to an opener Also, by absence of the framing bits, the absence or failure of a slave unit can be inferred. Once these material flow values are determined, measures can be taken to balance the material flows so that the flow is consistent within every secondary seed tube.

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As illustrated in FIG. The analog switches are used by the blockage monitoring node to select which of the input streams from the MEMS microphones should be processed at a given time. A seventh object of the invention is to decrease the possibility that discharges from static build-up, or from other electromagnetic fields, may affect the operation or accuracy of the seed blockage monitor.

The slave unit enclosure is uniquely designed to house the circuitry and to provide multiple connector ports for the sensor wire cable harnessing 66 FIG. The partial block insert is used to close extraneous connector ports when the circuitry has been depopulated for use in the "partial-run" air seeder blockage monitoring system.

Any operations described herein in reference to seeds may also be applied to any other appropriate particulate or combination without changing the inventive concept.

Examples of systems of this type are shown in U. Of course, these framing bits could also incorporate parity or other check bits to implement error detection or correction. Each of the 8 secondary manifolds then split the flow of material into 12 separate secondary seed tubes Although existing prior art systems offer very little in the way of a means for balancing the material flow within the seed tubes, the present invention differs from the prior art by offering a means for adjusting the flow within each secondary seed tube independently, based upon data derived from the sensors The seeds 32 are carried by a plurality of primary seed tubes 40 to a number of headers 46, located on the tool bar Then it is compared to a reference voltage A second object of the invention is to minimize the intrusion into the seed flow path by the sensor.

The headers 46 distribute the seeds 32 through a plurality of secondary seed tubes 48 e. A general purpose processor is provided to control the basic operations of the blockage monitoring node However, once the material leaves the hopper, it is difficult to determine precisely which portion takes which specific path through the branching network of tubes to eventually make its way to the end of the seed tubes and be placed into the soil.

A modern air seeder may plant well over rows of seeds simultaneously. The monitoring and control circuit discerns the intermediate level signal and displays that a seed dispensing fault has occurred at a particular sensor location indicated on a counter 98 FIG.

In the preferred embodiment, the analog signal from a sensor first passes through a bandpass filter and than an amplifier To better illustrate how an air seeding system represents a complex fluid dynamics problem, it is helpful to describe the flow of material through an air seeder.

For example, one hopper may include seed and a second hopper may contain fertilizer or other chemicals. A full blockage will not allow any material to flow past it although it may be possible for a small amount of air to leak past a full blockage.

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Some air seeding systems utilize hinged diverters or baffles at a branching point in a tube to direct more or less air flow down one of the two branches, but this can only affect the flow of the two branches of that particular tube in relation to each other, and does not correct any imbalance which may exist further downstream in the system.

In the run mode, the module acts again to select a particular one of the sensors by operation of the multiplex This is particularly a problem in an environment like that of an air seeder, where collisions of seeds, dust, fertilizer and other particles generate a large amount of static electricity, and where high electromagnetic field strengths are likely.

The flexible piezoelectric sensor element 68 FIG. The seed blockage monitor system of claim 12, wherein data is input to the second shift register via additional comparators connected to respective seed sensor elements.

Upon the last sensor in the series connection being interrogated, the termination circuit 17 receives the enable signal, which has been passed along from one sensor circuit to the next in bucket brigade fashion as each is interrogated. The openers are blades which extend into the soil, and create furrows for holding the seeds as they are drawn through the ground.

Since various modifications can be made in my invention as hereinabove described, and many apparently widely different embodiments of same made within the spirit and scope of the claims without departing from such spirit and scope, it is intended that all matter contained in the accompanying specification shall be interpreted as illustrative only and not in a limiting sense.

The acoustic sensor does not contain electronics, but instead routes the sounds it detects to a remotely located node where the sounds can be processed.However when a blockage occurs downstream of the sensor in the seed tube, it is possible that seeds will still be carried down the tube.

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In most cases the sensor provided detects these slow moving seeds and assumes that the tube is operating normally with the.

Nov 03,  · A "full-run" air seeder blockage monitoring system is defined as one in which every connected secondary seed tube 48 in the system is fitted with an individual blockage sensor unit 56, such that blockage can be detected if it occurs in any of the primary seed tubes 40 or in any of the secondary seed tubes 48 which are connected to the system.

If one or more of the acoustic sensors detects a sudden drop in sound level, the blockage monitoring node will determine that the corresponding seed tube has a partial or full blockage and will indicate an alarm condition (in at least one embodiment, the determination of whether there is an alarm condition may actually take place in.

Oct 21,  · A diddy microphone attached to the tube should be able to detect the seed where the tube is curved.

The signal will need to be filtered to select the seed signal among the noise. after a bit of digging on the internet and a few inquiries I have found that Dickie-John make a seed blockage sensor.

Help needed Black & Decker TR Toaster. RDS blockage sensors allow accurate seed application and blockage detection. Find out more. Artemis Lite. Variable Rate Control on Seed Drills. Find out more. Spraymaster For the accurate application of liquid spray products proportional to the forward speed of the vehicle.

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission were able to remove the blockage and resume the solidification process. At or around this time, a pipe being analyzed fell off the pipe stand onto the source guide tube, denting it and prohibiting source retraction. Chicago Fire Dept.

Electronic seed tube blockage detector and
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