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In a politically impoverished country, the social well-being of the society is endangered. Even more confusing for some is that there is another ethnic group in Eritrea that are Tigre speakers, too.

Ambassadors do not have as frequent audience as in the past with the British PM, for example, a position that has become a dull shadow Essayas afewerki its glorious past.

To give a comparable level of difficulty for English speakers would be trying to understand Jamaican patois language without any translation. I believe that a democracy, a nation of free people like the USA, should have nothing to do with tyrannies; any relation should be severed.

Many years ago I was in a taxi in Thailand driving to the North, a place called Shangmay when the taxi run over a snake that was crossing the road. To us, human trafficking is not a topic for intellectual curiosity, it is a real tragedy that leaves us in continuous state of mourning and sadness.

Since then, the news has gotten more gruesome by the day. According to Professor Peter R. Except for USAid, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and few other small outfits with noble ideals, civic duty minded people who Essayas afewerki work hard to better the world, the rest have been big disappointment.

Societies like my country that is roughly 3 million people—give or take a million because there is no published census since the s—I would say the degree of separation is much less than 6. This is a view of active engagement and critical selection from a diverse repertoire of elements in the southern Red Sea cultural milieu, not a passive incorporation from colonizing populations; it is a perspective that promotes "Pre-Aksumite" agency and creates a more dynamic picture of cultural transformation in the 1st millennium BCE.

And the world knows the carnage raging in Syria, it is awful. Despite lacking evidence for this claim, this narrative still persists today, albeit waning.

They are even still remembered in oral traditions among several Eritrean ethnic groups. However, the Tigre people speak Tigre, a related but different language.

Did Alemnew Mekonen vituperate Amharas? (Dilwenberu Nega)

First, what would anyone of you do if his sister, brother and child fell in a hostage situation and risked a gruesome death at the hands of human traffickers.

To date there are about 80, refugees in Ethiopia, aroundnew refugees in Sudan on top of aroundrefugees who are in Sudanese camps and towns where they began to arrive sincethe UNHCR closed the chapter on them.

I learned the population of Utah is just around 3 million. Many were raped, tortured, killed, their human organs harvested and their bodies was thrown in the desert where animals fed on them The racket is everywhere.

Taking into account the population of Syria which is eight times bigger than that of Eritrea, it means, for every Syrian refugees, there are 9 Eritreans. For those who are not familiar with Tigrinya, without exaggeration, her dialect is very difficult to comprehend for a person speaking the Asmara dialect of Tigrinya it almost sounds like a different language.

If it is a confrontation between the people and the authoritarian regimes, I am confident no tyrant would survive.

That is a moral question, not a legal one. In addition to that, the regime in Eritrea is trigger happy, endless wars with all our neighbors—Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yemen—now it is provoking the USA.

Defending the Indefensible: Andargachew Tsige Lionizing Isaias Afewerki

Tigre, Tigrinya and Tigray people. Tools for tanning and softening hides have been discovered, along with needles, stone implements for punching leather, and bronze buttons.

UN Monitoring Group for Somalia and Eritrea has implicated senior officials of the Eritrean regime for involvement in the racket of human trafficking and smuggling. Over the years, politics and politicians lost the glamor, the job has become similar to gambling.

Essayas afewerki the human trafficking events started to unfold in its present magnitude, one would expect the world to take action. In the past, a gambler was considered an outcast, an untrusted individual in society; today gamblers are featured in TV shows and are treated as stars!

Trying to escape this reality creates an opportunity for the human trafficking rackets. Eritrean communities abroad are going through a lot, selling their properties, depleting their life-long savings, borrowing, collecting donations in churches and social gathering to pay for the ransom to free a relative.

If they cannot help the people attain their freedom, then they should stop interfering and leave issues to their own devices. But that is not my concern of today.

For Eritrea, there is a lost generation. Major Dawit Invites Me to Dr. In CE, a Greek-speaking Egyptian monk, later given the pseudonym Cosmas Indicopleustes or Indian voyager, wrote an interesting description detailing territorial claims of two monarchs from earlier inscriptions left in Adulis.

Then follows the compulsory national service time that extends indefinitely. In the last six years alone, it is estimated that about Eritreans lost their lives in the Sinai Desert. Good politics maintains a good society and thus gets humanity closer to its goal of pursuing happiness.

Thereafter, they are hauled to military camps for the final year of high school. Those being victimized by the Eritrean regime and then by the human traffickers are mainly young men; losing them would have negative consequences in the future of the country, the long term effects are great.

The ancestors of the Tigrinya people

The similarities of their ethnic names and languages is likely due to both these groups sharing a common ancestor called the Tigretes.The Tigrinya people, who are also known as the Kebessa people, are the largest ethnic group in Eritrea.

They speak Tigrinya, a Semetic language derived from Ge'ez, and largely inhabit the plateau of. In today’s Eritrea, people are routinely subject to imprisonment without explanation, trial, or any form of due process. Incarceration often lasts indefinitely. Senior government officials and journalists, arrested twelve years ago after they raised questions about Isaias’ rule, remain jailed.

(This is a speech I delivered on Wednesday, Dec 12, at the Hinckley Institute of Politics, University of Utah.) Thank you for coming.

Thanks to Rebecca Heal who made this gathering possible and thanks to the Hinckley Institute of Politics, University of Utah, for giving me this opportunity. Many years ago I. Did Alemnew Mekonen vituperate Amharas? If yes, he should face the full weight of the law. If no, the opposition should face the full weight of public opprobrium.

Essayas afewerki
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