Feasibility study about online enrollment system

Then I would like to thank my instructor, Mr. It must have a pleasing design and should be right coded for the benefit of the user. The total number of beneficiaries is four hundred high school students from first year to fourth year.

Not forgotten to my family for providing everything, such as money, to buy anything that are related to this project work and their advise, which is the most needed for this project.

The system must be kept in place that is well ventilated to avoid any risk of damage to the system. Important things must be specified and considered for the proper usage of the system.

They also supported me and encouraged me to complete this task so that I will not be procrastinate in doing it. It must also be password protected to avoid from viruses and computer crime such as information theft.

An actual interview from the parents and some faculty members was also conducted to know the advantage and disadvantages of the present system as compared to the proposed system.

Online Enrollment System

Chapter 5 Conclusion and Recommendation 5. Based on the observations that the team conducted during the interview, we found out that on the manual system that the school is presently using, information and records were not kept accordingly that causes lost of important papers and documents.

This study shows the number of beneficiaries of the school, company functions, detail budget requirements, risk management plan or maintenance plan and their project work plan and lastly, their conclusion and recommendation.

They have twenty five 25 students per section and we have got two 2 sections to provide the required number of beneficiaries. Data should be stored in safer places, and can be retrieved easily and fast when someone needs it.

Two main reason account for this- the increasing population and the need for improved problem-solving tools. We have developed a project organization and staffing approach that will deliver continuity of operations, school services and cost-effective technology solutions.

Feasibility & Enrollment

In depth analysis on how to perform a complex and tedious work in a very effective manner as resulted to installing a computer inside schools because of its usefulness like storing, retrieving, and clever of processing information.

The research is adapted to a descriptive method. It is recommended to the Tabuco Central School that the detailed specification and implementation of the system would ensue as long as the administration approved the computerized enrollment system.

Through the innovativeness and knowledge possesses by men, that people enjoy the fruit of technology, computers are making revolutionary changes in the way people live, play and work. The emerging needs in most schools for accurate and relevant data and reliable information strengthen the Student Information System.

Online Enrollment System will provide organizational stability and the school oriented service needed to successfully implement the required system.

Here are some alternative solutions that can be proposed to the school to avoid these kinds of problems: Because of the problems encountered by Tabuco Central Schoolwe recommend to the administration to have another Enrollment system that is useful in many ways, and that is the computerized enrollment system.registration system.

An online student registration system needs to be developed. In addition, students on campus, off campus, in-state, out of state, and out of country can easily and inexpensively take advantage of many of the services Feasibility study and requirements elicitation Organize a development and implementation team.

FEASIBILITY STUDY OF ENROLLMENT SYSTEM Search This Blog. Pages. Home; Saturday, March 26, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: An enrollment system that has the ability to store students information, that can easily be retrieved and printed when needed.

This enrollment system also can be able to make corrections of entry easily. Complete Feasibility Study Of An Automated Enrollment System.

Introduction Automated School Enrollment Information System is important in such a way that it benefits not only the student but the administration as a whole. Automated enrollment system is a good example of a computer generated process.

This can lessen the. The study was begun in analyzing the problems regarding the enrollment system of International School of Technology and Skills Development. With the aid of interviews, researches, surveys and keen observations, proponents discover problems such as student information redundancy and manual computations that will cause errors in data.

LimFlow Completes Enrollment In US Feasibility Study and Receives Breakthrough Device Status from FDA for Its Percutaneous Deep Vein Arterialization (pDVA) System. Feasibility Study About Online Enrollment System Chapter 1 Project Description This feasibility study will show you the profile history, mission and vision and the organizational chart of the School and also on how they handle their student’s record.

Feasibility study about online enrollment system
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