Foreign studies in social network site

If you are interested in math, this is a great social network. If you are a grad student in a bio area, you can meet others, network and find jobs.

Social Networks for Students and Teachers

This professional site is aimed at those in the biology and life sciences fields. A great way to learn more about psychology, and to meet other professionals. This is a great destination for business professionals and students.

However, getting an advanced degree can be a lot of work. If you are interested in politics, and if you are getting a grad degree in a field related to politics or public administration, this is a good place to meet others — and exercise your mind through debate.

This is a good choice for grad students looking for exposure. Additionally the work itself is harder.

Great for grad students as well as teachers and others. Chances are that someone has a group on Facebook related to what you are studying. After all, you are attempting to become an expert on a subject.

Becoming a successful graduate student requires time and effort, and you may have to do a great deal of work. This is a very useful social network if you are interested in meeting up with others with simliar interests. You can still keep up with those from your undergrad days, as well as connect with others in your graduate school.

Get on Facebook, and join groups of grad students and professionals. You can learn some cool things, do some research, and make connections.

A great place to keep all of your contacts. Also great resources for finding internships. Also, a good place to find partners on collaborative projects. You can keep useful contacts, and stay connected. Aimed mainly at those in Philly, this is a great place to meet other grad students who share your heritage.

Visit Tribe if you want to find information on just about anything, and meet up with people in your current city. If you want to get your name out there, even as a grad student, this is the place to go.

Great for students looking for jobs and internships — including international opportunities. This graduate student community is meant to help you connect with others, ask questions and get answers.

You can create a video resume, or document some of your work. Find out about events, meet people, and get noticed.

Great for quick connections. Social Science Research Network: You might be surprised at the connections you can make on Twitter. This physics social network is great for collaboration, and for meeting others.

Just be careful of what you put up. This social network is aimed at scientists.Do you know what the most popular international social networking sites are in other countries?

Some of them have millions and millions of users!

List of social networking websites

Top International Social Networking Sites Around the World These Are the Social Networks That Rule the Web in Other Countries. For a visual map of popular social network by country.

A Study on the Negative Effects of Social Networking Sites Such as Facebook among The purpose of this study is to identify the negative effects of social network sites such as Facebook among Asia Social Network Site Impact on Academic Performance.

McGraw-Hill networks™

Local Studies About The Effects Of Social Networking To Study Habbits Of The Students The Effects of Social Networking to the Study Habits of Sudents Abstract Predictions derived from Eysenck's theory of personality were tested in two samples by relating extraversion scores to library study locations, frequency of study breaks, and self.

25 Useful Networking Sites for Grad Students. by admin on April 21, If you want to improve your knowledge, This social network is based in Europe, and you can find the student network is a great place for PhD students to meet others. Get news, look for jobs, find information about graduate schools and connect with others.

25 Useful Networking Sites for Grad Students

McGraw-Hill Networks is the innovative blend of print and digital teaching and learning resources for Social Studies teachers and students, authored by. Learn a Foreign Language Online for Free. iTalki is part marketplace and part social language network.

The site offers paid online lessons, but also encourages members to conduct free language.

Foreign studies in social network site
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