Import cars vs. domestic cars essay

Although American cars have improved their handling significantly, this is probably still one of their weakest areas. Therefore, the parts are designed to last much longer on average. Overall, American cars have made great strides recently but still have a lot of work to catch up to their foreign counterparts.

Foreign Vs. American Cars: Is There a Difference?

Toyota cars are usually slightly lighter than USA cars. Buy a Buick you would be really hot in a Cascada maybe?? In Consumer Reports last five annual reports, the last time these German brands have been above average in reliability was back in It probably decreases because of your intentions as a mechanic.

So in my opinion those should not compete as real foreign cars. For most American car manufacturers it seems like design aesthetics are updated a lot less frequently compared to foreign cars.

Foreign cars get better MPG than American cars Although American cars are getting better and better MPG numbers each year, the majority of foreign cars have implemented gas saving technologies much earlier. I know a lot of people who get confused and think that Henry Ford invented the modern car.

But the radio was defected i had to replace it twice before the warranty ran out,and it had a bad ecm, and the gas mileage went down from miles to A lot of foreign cars also come with a moonroof.

And by fought we mean heated discussions on forums, YouTube videos, parking lots, garages, the strip, you name it. Since these strides have been made recently, used foreign cars are still a much better option compared to similar American models of that year.

This has allowed them to hone their MPG technologies and still keep power under the hood. The heater which i think was defected, i have a crack across my dashboard!!!!!!!!

Usually the US version comes better equipped but the ones that are the Japanese version, has proven to be a lot more reliable here than the US version. You mention that Japan makes long lasting cars that are incredibly reliable.

There have been times when I do two Hondas for one of everybody else. Just ask any of them. You can barely keep a Honda on the road. Although this is true, it still seems that if you were to take a general average across the board, foreign cars still trump American cars in several key areas.

Foreign cars often come with luxury options such as really comfortable leather seats. Let Hanne Keiling buy a Honda. Foreign cars are more luxurious than American cars Foreign cars have way more luxurious features than American cars.

Import Cars vs. Domestic Cars, Which One To Choose?

Of course, you still have to do the maintenance. There seems to be this tug of war throughout history between domestic and foreign cars. As you mentioned, I like foreign cars because of their better reliability and fuel mileage.Domestic vs Imports 5 Pages. Words.

ago. They'd make fun about the power, the metal and the need for having a life vest whenever you drove one of these cars.

Today, Japanese cars are acknowledged as long-lasting, high mileage cars, with very good safety ratings. Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Page 1 of 5. Next Page. Yes, there, we said it. Foreign cars are better than American cars. But there must be some reasons why foreign cars are better than American cars?

Muscle Cars versus Foreign Imports – Essay Sample American muscle-cars fired up the youth of the s and s and became the stuff of legend. Young men fell in love with them, Rock n’ Roll singers sang about them and.

Domestic vs import cars essay

It's an old debate: foreign vs. American cars. Is there really a noticeable difference? I’ve gone with both foreign and domestic cars, and I’ve enjoyed both. I will say, however, that my Toyota engine needed virtually no repair compared to my Chevy.

Quoted is your source for fresh news, perspective, and advice on all things. Import Cars vs. Domestic Cars, Which One To Choose? This really comes to a head when you look at the argument over whether people should buy import cars or domestic cars.

Those who argue for domestic cars such as Ford or General Motor will tell you that they are helping Americans because the money they spend will eventually go to.

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Import cars vs. domestic cars essay
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