Mantis project management

Nowadays, the torque of the press gear shaft is measured indirectly from the force that is applied in the connecting rod. Many customers demand faster and ever more precise presses. Notifications[ edit ] MantisBT supports the sending of e-mail notifications upon changes being made to issues in the system.

To solve this problem, the technological answer is to measure the torque directly by using wireless sensors placed in the press gear shaft. This is why, increasing the press machines accuracy is one of the most important challenges for manufacturers of these assets.

These results were compared with an estimation of the torque at the drive shaft obtained from an overload pressure evolution analysis. Once the project is archived, the user is not able to view Mantis project management from the respective projects.

Users also have the ability to explicitly subscribe to issues that affect them. Revision control system integration[ edit ] Versions of MantisBT prior to 1. However, the loss of some data packets has been detected which should be corrected in future versions. The statistical features obtained from this signals were used in the selection of the most suitable wireless communication technology to be used in the torque sensor.

Static testbed scenario Figure 2: However, regarding the amount of data shown at the measured torque values, some data can be missed either on the positive or the negative peaks, as the same amplitude should be acquired for each stroke. Conclusions In general terms, it is considered that the obtained results are valid, taking into account that they are compared with estimated values and not with another measurement obtained by a commercial system.

With regards to wireless communications, in general the expected performance in terms of data throughput and network availability has been achieved. To perform Project Management activities, the user should have Admin permission.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Project can also be un-archived based on the requirements. To view an individual project, the user should select the particular project from the list. If the user selects All Projects option from the list, it will display all the listed projects that the user is entitled to view.

This was an initial requirement to ensure the proper functioning of gauges, generic electronics and wireless for working in press-based conditions. The following screenshot displays how to select Projects. Moreover, the clutch brake engage and disengage events are still captured.MantisBT is an open source bug tracking system created and launched to meet the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

The program is free and is based on the web. Developed primarily as a software bug tracker, many companies implement MantisBT as a generic tool for project management and issue tracking. Project management plugin for Mantis, adding advanced estimation, timetracking and reporting functionalities.

mantisbt:related_tools. MantisBT Related Tools. Author: Victor Boctor. Project Management. Basecamp. Task Adapter allows data synchronisation between MS Project and MantisBT.

Mantis Time Tracker - an application that integrates transparently with MantisBT and allows you to track your time spent on tasks from the commodity of. To perform Project Management activities, the user should have Admin permission. Create a Project. Following are the steps to create a project.

Step 1 − Login as Administrator. Step 2 − Go to “Manage” section present at the left menu bar. Step 3 − Click “Manage Projects” tab. Step 4 − To create a new project, click the Create New. JIRA vs MantisBT System Properties Comparison. MantisBT Mantis Bug Tracker X exclude from comparison; Description: Bug tracking and project planning tool, available as cloud service and as commercial tool.

MantisBT is an open source issue tracker written in PHP.

Mantis - Project Management

Project Management Zone blog posts. Project management Manage your project timelines and milestones, get a bunch of stats and graphs for your analysis and track time spent on issues with our Project Management tool set. From software releases to marketing tasks we .

Mantis project management
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