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However it is not that popular among educational setups. At the end of the course, data was collected from the forty students on a self-administered questionnaires for the purpose of this particular research. The students had to come up with summaries of the discussions made on the forum.

Although most of the educational institutions have established infrastructure for the support of social media integration into class room learning, however, the effective integration methodology is still a question mark for the researchers to answer. The objective of the study was to find correlations among friendship, advice and adversarial factors and student academic performance.

His review argues that researchers who support the integration of social media into educational setup are of the view that conversational processes ensuring maximum interaction and maximum mix of reflections are possible only through social networking platforms.

Linkedln with more than 35, users has been reported as the third most popular SNS but mostly used for professional networking.

One of the very significant findings of the study is about the use of social networking sites for the purpose of learning. Maximising the benefits of SNS and promoting internet and media literacy may help protect young people from many of the risks of online interaction, such as cyber-bullying, privacy breaches and predation.

Cognitive absorption, which defines extent of deep involvement, is another personality factor taken into consideration while undertaking this research. Among a variety of devices, it was found that the correlation between using Facebook on mobile devices and students grades is highly negative as compared to using Facebook on other devices.

The two researchers evaluate the pattern and frequency of Facebook use among university students while focusing gender differences and student opinion about the impacts of this medium on academic performance.

In addition, this research found Blogs, Social Impact, and twitter among the other popular social networking sites. In addition the research tries to justify the relationship among the three i. This qualitative research collected data on student respondents through a self-administered questionnaire and analyzed this data to make observations on the use of social networking sites among them.

This research is more significant due to the fact that distance learning is totally dependent on social networking technologies. However, they add that level of cognitive absorption is in turn defined by self-control and other personality factors. Several research studies investigating the topic under review are found to be very recent.

SNS is also being used to extend opportunities for formal learning across geographical contexts. The Benefits of Social Networking Services mobile phones eg: Research analysis shows that Facebook is equally popular among male and female students of the university under study. This research further establishes that new online tools and technologies must be integrated to promote online interaction and form online social networks purposed towards educational achievements and support.

The study also collects opinion of students about the impacts of social medium on their academic performance. Gupta research is specific to impact of social media on the performance of students in distance education. This adverse effect is explained by the fact that using cell phones for social networking activities may involve multitasking and all students are not equally efficient in multitasking skills.

Education Access to SNS varies according to state and educational level with some states banning access to SNS and social media services altogether Notley The research analyzes a random sample of respondents including an equal mix of males and females.

Most of the studies chosen have been published in the past four to five years. The research analyzes data from respondents studying 4 years degrees in residential institutes of northeastern USA to find trends on frequency of Facebook visits and activities, time spent on Facebook, time spent on class preparation and academic grades of the students under research.

This research finds Facebook to be the most popular social networking site among students as reported by some researchers and it has reached a one billion user base in October Given written text, photos, animation, sounds, music, video clips are core components of SNS, young people develop a deeper understanding of the production, nature and use of various forms of content, which is otherwise missing from school curricula Skaar This research analyses responses of students enrolled to study a postgraduate course in management.

Young Peoples Social Networking in Context Challenges presented by Social Networking include the management of personal information and privacy, the risk of predation and cyberbullying eg.Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature Nayzabekov (), in his study entitled, "Negative Impacts of Social Networking Sites on the Academic Excellence of the Students", identifies the idea of multitasking, which students could perform different types of actions while visiting SNS to include texting, instant messaging, playing games and.

Chapter – 2 Review of Literature Page 39 CHAPTER – 2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE Introduction The realm of Social Networking Sites is increasingly emerging as the subject of research in the field of social sciences.

Scholars in many fields have begun to investigate the various aspects of Social Networking Sites. Literature Review SNS - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. The Benefits of SNS: Literature Review The Potentials and Pitfalls of SNS such as FB in Higher Education Contexts The use of Alternative SNS in higher educational settings:case study of the e-learning benefits of Ning in education.

Literature review. This research effort is targeted at finding the effects of social media on students’ performance. Therefore, the literature review discusses the relevant research that is useful to the objectives of this research project.

Several research studies investigating the topic under review are found to be very recent. Literature Review SNS 1. Literature Review Dr.

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Related literature about sns
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