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Although diffusion indexes commonly are interpreted as showing the percent of components that increased over the time span, the index reflects half of the unchanged components as well. Such factors as work stoppages, absenteeism, and labor turnover may not have the same influence on overtime hours as on average hours.

The earnings series do not measure the level of total labor costs on the part of the employer because the following are excluded: Production and nonsupervisory employees PE are defined differently for certain major industry sectors.

In construction, PE includes only construction employees. Average hourly earnings, excluding overtime Average hourly earnings, excluding overtime-premium pay, are produced for manufacturing only and are computed by dividing the total AE or PE payroll for the industry group by the corresponding sum of total AE or PE hours and one-half of total AE or PE overtime hours.

Excluded from the payroll are bonuses unless earned and paid regularly each pay period ; other pay not earned in the pay period reported such as retroactive pay ; and the value of free rent, fuel, meals, or other payment in kind. Persons on establishment Statistics note sheet who are on paid sick leave for cases Statistics note sheet which pay is received directly from the firmon paid holiday, or on paid vacation, or who work during a part of the pay period even though they are unemployed or on strike during the rest of the period are counted as employed.

Government employment covers only civilian employees; military personnel are excluded. The scope for the CPI-W is similar to that of PE earnings, both in the type of employee who is covered and the amount of the population that is covered by these series.

Payroll Payroll refers to dollars paid for full- and part-time all employees, production, construction, and nonsupervisory employees who received pay for any part of the pay period that includes the 12th day of the month. Hours for which only shift differential, hazard, incentive, or other similar types of premiums were paid are excluded.

At all higher levels of industry aggregation, aggregate payroll is the sum of the component aggregates. For more information about real earnings, see www.

Technical Notes for the Current Employment Statistics Survey

Further information about state and metropolitan area data is available in the Statistics for States and Areas section of this document. Construction employees This group includes the following employees in the construction sector: Salaried officers of corporations are included. PE average hours and earnings data are derived from reports of production and related employees in manufacturing and mining and logging, construction employees in construction, and nonsupervisory employees in private service-providing industries.

A list of currently published CES series is available at www. State and area data availability For states and metropolitan areas, the CES program produces nonfarm industry employment, hours, and earnings series for AE and PE.

The data exclude proprietors, the unincorporated self-employed, unpaid volunteer or family employees, farm employees, and domestic employees. Over 8, not seasonally adjusted special derivative series such as average weekly earnings AWEindexes, and constant dollar series for AE and PE are also published for approximately industries.

Not counted as employed are persons who are on layoff, on leave without pay, or on strike for the entire period, or who were hired but have not yet reported during the period. Diverse trends at the industry group level also may be caused by a marked change in hours for a component industry in which little or no overtime was worked in both the previous and current months.

Average overtime hours Overtime hours represent that portion of weekly hours that exceeded regular hours and for which overtime premiums were paid in the manufacturing sector.

Commissions are also included if paid at least monthly. Long-term trends of AWE can be affected by structural changes in the makeup of the workforce. Such factors as unpaid absenteeism, labor turnover, part-time work, and stoppages cause average weekly hours to be lower than scheduled hours of work for an establishment.

These distinctions are clarified below.

Statistics 3701 (Geyer, Spring 2017) Course Notes

The average value mean is then calculated, and this percent is the diffusion index number.Statistics In Ornithology (Lecture Notes In Statistics) You can Read Statistics In Ornithology (Lecture Notes In Statistics) or Read Online Statistics In Ornithology (Lecture Notes In Statistics), Book.

Technical Notes for the Current Employment Statistics Survey. Introduction. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) collects data each month on employment, hours, and earnings from a sample of nonfarm establishments through the Current Employment Statistics.

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2) Statistics are an aid to supervision. 3) Statistics are the eyes of Administration. 4) Planning w/o statistics cannot be imagining. 5) Statistics is indispensable in social studies. 6) Statistics is indispensable for state. 7) Statistics constitute a record of the part knowledge.

8) Statistics is the arithmetic of human welfare/wellbeing. Each consequitive cumulative frequency = previous cumulative frequency + the respective relative frequency Note that all formulas could be found in the lesson Excel files and the solutions of the exercises provided with each lesson.">"interval end).

Statistics note sheet
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