Thesis the impact of downsizing on the morale of employees

The workforce reduction strategy often referred to as the layoff strategy.

Report summary: Employee Morale During Downsizing

The remaining employees can experience burnout because they have to bear the burden of a heavier workload and required to perform more work with fewer co-workers. Evaluating the success of attempts to influence morale during downsizing is not easy.

However, the participating organizations identified several broad kinds of action, which they saw as particularly relevant. Get over the emotional side of the layoff as quickly as possible.

Often surviving employees feel mixed emotions of relief and guilt that they survived the layoff, but that their co-workers were not as fortunate, and apprehension that they may still be at risk.

This can be the result of increased efficiency or reduction in demand. It would be appropriate for every manager to educate employees that a downsizing exercise is a shared problem, not one for employees to deal with individually.

The degree to which this has been done among the agencies represented in our study varies greatly. There are few advantages of outsourcing which is clearly improved business focus, more productive use of time and resources, and guidance from experts from across the business spectrum.

The prime impetus of most downsizing efforts are the desire for an immediate reduction costs and increased levels of efficiency, productivity, profitability, and competitiveness Farrell and Mavondo, Many people respond well to adversity and use adversity as a learning experience.

Hit the pavement, the want ads, the internet, etc. Managers need to make sure that the survivors receive counselling, support, help, honest as well as unbiased information. Managers should provide adequate training and supports to survivors in order to proactively prepare the workforce for change and help individuals cape successfully with downsizing.

Managers must be pay considerable attention to survivors because these survivors are mentally and physically stressed with the downsizing practiced to their colleagues.

Anticipate likely employee response Identify interventions to impact morale Monitor and evaluate morale and the impact of actions taken. Ownership of the issue may be difficult to establish — even senior management itself often being in a state of flux during periods of downsizing.

Attempts to deny the reality of the painful aspects of the change are seen as insensitive. This is normally practice to avoid unfair decision to employee especially when they just lost their job.

They would be able to learn what they can, hence move forward. Typical activities in this area include: Alternative Employment It may be upsetting for an employee to hear that he will lose his current job.An Exploratory Investigation into the Impact of Downsizing on Occupational Stress and Organisational Commitment Honours Thesis Bridget Girak Bachelor of Business Honours.

The impact of downsizing on employee morale and productivity: implications for training / Article · January with Reads Cite this publication.

The impact of downsizing was looked at in terms of the attitudes and feelings that leavers and survivors had towards the downsizing process. It.

The Positive and Negative Effects of Downsizing on Departing Employees

When a small business has more employees than it requires, managers may decide to downsize the organization. This can be the result of increased efficiency or reduction in demand. While downsizing. Report summary: Employee Morale During Downsizing. The ‘downsizing’ of employing organisations has become widespread.

The experience of living with the possibility of redundancy, and watching others leave, has become part of the working experience of many UK employees.

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Thesis the impact of downsizing on the morale of employees
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