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Place this volume into each test tube. The graph also shows that the enzyme used has the optimum pH of 8. The test tubes will be cleaned out using distilled water before each repeat and experiment again to minimise the marginal error Test tube rack- This is to hold the test tubes so one hand can add the buffer and the marvel milk protein to the test tube and the other hand can add the protease.

This was how the casein reacted with the trypsin. The trypsin is a enzyme so referred to as a globular protein and consists of chains that are folded over Trypsin investigation essay make a Trypsin investigation essay shape and give its specific shape which in turn shapes the active site Therefore, at lower pHs of the experiment, the rate of reaction was not as quick as the pH was far from the optimum pH what the pH works at best.

Therefore a filter must be used and as the come in different colours letting only some wavelengths of light through so the most suitable was chosen for the experiment which was nm. The repeats done for the investigation were sufficient as a general trend was discovered but if the experiment were to be done again, more repeats would be done and their averages found out to get even more reliable results and to ensure that even the slightest anomalies did not affect the results.

These could be a helical shape DNA or a beta-pleated sheet. It can be deduced as an anomaly as a straight line was expected but this spoils the trend and the pattern.

However it is not known if pH of 8. In terms of accuracy, the results are reliable enough to depend on to conclude whether the predictions were correct or not. The duodenum produces sodium hydrogencarbonate that provides the alkaline conditions for the trypsin to work in.

Looking at the graph it can be also deduced that the trypsin did not work best at the acidic conditions. The anomalies were not too extreme and thus can still be considered in taking into account as a result.

There were many ways in which the experiment carried out was not entirely fair, leading to a combination of mixed results, anomalies and inconsistent results: The concentration of the enzyme and substrate would also affect the rate of reaction as higher concentrations would mean the more chance of an enzyme-substrate complex to be formed.

Structure and Function of an Enzyme Enzymes are large proteins that speed up chemical reactions. Wait for the film to dissolve away. These theories helped explain what went on when the casein binded with the trypsin and this helps show that the casein was the right shape for the trypsin in my experiment.

Results In the experiment, three repeats were done for each different buffer solution. The ionic bonds are weak interactions, but together they help give the protein a stable shape.

Oxidising enzymes, known as oxidises, accelerate oxidation reactions; reducing enzymes speed up reduction reactions, in which oxygen is removed. Analysis Looking at the graph very strong positive correlation can be seen showing that as the pH increased, the rate of reaction increased The positive correlation is represented with a red oval.

Clean the test tubes and apparatus thoroughly. These ensure that any spillage will not go into the eyes. Individual enzymes are named by adding ASE to the name of the substrate with which they react. Enzymes can be intracellular work within a cell or extra cellular work outside a cell.

Investigation into the effects of trypsin on dried milk solution

Using a water bath would keep the temperature constant but very difficult as keeping the temperature constant would mean keeping the solution in the water bath until the reaction is complete.

These will be washed out with distilled water before each repeat and experiment to minimise the chance of contamination Test tubes- This is where the buffer solution containing the milk will be mixed with the protease.Investigation on the Enzyme Trypsin An Investigation determining a factor affecting the rate of digestion of gelatin by the protease trypsin.

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