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Four students from California, calling themselves the Freedom Writers, use pen and paper to fight prejudice and intolerance. Poet Jimmy Santiago Tv411 writing a business shows a group of adult learners how to keep a journal.

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October What is TV? In Episode One, Dallas Farmer, now the owner of an auto repair shop, recounts his learning journey in his own words. Episode Twenty While reading a pamphlet on breast cancer, Laverne explains the basics of probability and odds.

The show closes with Buzzword, a definition of a word used in the show that takes less than a minute and is part of every episode. In these segments, famous singers describe their writing processes.

Personal Portfolio is next: TV is a "how to" show: Following is a Milestone segment, a short documentary that tells the story of an adult learner.

TV In Print provides structured opportunities to practice the reading, writing, and math skills featured in the show. Volume 5, Issue B The show is aimed at pre-GED and intermediate- to advanced-English for speakers of other languages ESOL adult learners, although some practitioners have adapted its use for beginning readers and lower-level ESOL students.

Pop Quiz, a multiple- choice question that focuses on general information, such as average life expectancy, follows. Laverne is a clerk in the Big Store, a K-Mart-like place where she helps co-workers and customers with such challenges as determining unit pricing, reading food labels, writing a message on a blank card, estimating the cost of a painting job, and filling out a credit application.

TV is a series of minute television shows broadcast on enough PBS and cable stations to reach half the households in the United States. The Learning Journey Strategies for reading comprehension on the GED test, ratios in the kitchen with TV chef Curtis Aikens, the story of how one man left prison and low literacy behind, and a look at what happened when an entire Midwestern town read the same novel.

To date, 20 half-hour episodes of TV have been produced, each available in video with an accompanying magazine-style workbook.

Pop quiz creates a comfortable, fun way to practice multiple choice questions. Writing Question Man tackles sentence fragments in a grammatically correct dream, poet Jimmy Baca conducts a dynamic writing workshop with steelworkers, and Laverne helps a co-worker create an outline for a GED essay on disciplining children.

Next, in Word Up, poet and teacher Steve Coleman delivers a rap-like poem about synonyms and antonyms. Family Matters An African immigrant struggles to learn to read and raise a family in America, Laverne helps a young mother child-proof her home, and an African-American woman researches her family roots over the Internet and in the field.

Express Yourself Newly minted writer Kathi Wellington tells stories from her days as a steelworker, and origami artist June Sakamoto gives a geometry lesson. An adult learner talks to his boss about his continuing education.

Math for Life A drummer and the chorus line of Forty-Second Street demonstrate fractions in action, a carpenter shows how math is critical to her work, Mets pitcher Al Leiter illustrates the perimeter of a baseball diamond, and Laverne explains percentages and multiple markdowns for bargain hunters.

What is TV411?

Other topics include energy consumption of appliances and the word stereotype.Most writing instructors hear this statement at least once during their teaching career. A lack of vocabulary is indeed one of the most challenging aspects of writing that our students encounter.

mathematics, computer science, business, and law. The website also includes vocabulary quizzes. Vocabulary on TV The vocabulary section. TV TV covers practical reading, writing, and math skills in lessons on parenting, money matters, and health.

You'll meet actors, writers, famous sports figures, and everyday people who will inspire you and help you learn skills that will make your life easier and more successful. TV is a unique set of materials for adult learners consisting of 20 half-hour television programs and companion workbooks that model and teach everyday literacy survival skills such as decoding difficult words, reading a map, writing a letter.

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| Handy Math Formulas | Crossroads Café | Culture Clips | On Common Ground. Subjects Communication Life Skills Math Reading Writing. and communication. Workbooks, guides, and online activities support learners utilizing TV ISBN Correlations & Content.

Shop Now. TV Family Learning Kit Preview. Content Family Literacy. Subjects Health Language Arts Math Reading Social Studies. Business. Singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon writes a song on the spot especially for TV and shares her writing process.

Video: Writers' Room TV goes behind the scenes of the Bernie Mac Show for a peek at a professional brainstorming session.

Tv411 writing a business
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